Female Slow Living Retreat

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Join our July-retreat in beautiful Piemont, Italy. For one week, we dive into La Dolce Vita, or let’s say Slow and Mindful Living. We’re looking for female visionaries, entrepreneurs, changemakers, and everyone who feels called to consciously step into the liminal threshold between the mundane, day-to-day and work life.  

Practice mindfulness and bring new powerful focus to your life. In this retreat you’ll explore how to shape your life mindfully, sustainably and in integrity with your own values. We’ll slow down to consciously explore our lives by activating all of our senses. Throughout our week together we’ll dig into who we “are”  in terms of patterns, issues and food.

We’ll ask ourselves

What makes me feel alive?
What do I eat? What is good for me and what isn’t?
What does pleasure, slowing-down, and sensuality mean to me?

How can I design my life and actions authentically and mindfully?

If it feels right for you to consciously take time for yourself, good food, and sustainable living – this is the retreat for you. Italy is the land of slow food, dolce vita and dolce far niente; what a place to explore the creative potential of idleness, rest, silence, mindfulness, and food: to eat well during a time of reflection is essential, because nutrition is the energy that feeds our being and actions at base level.

We’ll address personal and global matters by combining the following topics:

  • Developing your potential and mindfulness giving individual space for reflection as well as creativity and group coaching.
  • Enjoying culinary highlights when eating and cooking as well as learning about conscious nutrition ("Slow Food").
  • Sharpening body awareness through movement, hiking, and time for excursions.
  • Experiencing rest and connection through introspection and solo-time in silence and nature.

Konzept & Retreatleitung

The program is designed and lead by Sabrina Meyfeld & Eva Breitbach.
The two creative powerhouses met in a Berlin co-working space, where they hosted themed dinner and food events.

Sabrina is half-Sicilian and a passionate cook. She’s learning to be a yoga teacher and loves to design, coach and facilitate Inbetween-Spaces and slow-down-time for conscious being. She’s excited to share her love for Italy with you and to hold space for authentic dialogue, reflection and mutual inspiration.

Eva studied Food and Sustainability at the Slow Food University near Torino . Since then she travels for work, visiting projects that are concerned with sustainability of food production in Italy and the rest of the world. During our retreat she’ll cover creative fooding, the relevance of pleasure for body and soul, and what it really means when we say “you are what you eat”.


Our offer at a glance

Date: 21.07.2019 - 28.07.2019 - register now!

Our slow-living retreat is an experience for the senses, the heart, mind, body and soul. Located in the Italian countryside we’ll have facilitated coaching sessions, we’ll get to the heart of slowing down in terms of cooking and eating, we’ll be inspired by and taste traditional products. Thereby – very consciously and slowly – we (re)learn to experience our senses. This makes our retreat a full-body immersion for mind and soul.

The retreat offers:

  • Daily coachings and reflective sessions focussing on personal potentials, balance and sustainability (ZwischenRaum principles)
  • Daily units focussing on nutrition and pleasure in theory and practice (Slow Food)
  • Workshops by food producers and excursions to nearby farmsteads
  • Countryside-accommodation at beautiful Cascina Bellaria
  • Three nutritious meals per day as well as cooking and “food-production” sessions
  • Time for relaxed and slow arrival and departure
  • Movement practice and hikes, inspired by Yoga, Qi Gong, for example
  • Time for additional excursions, yoga sessions, spa, horse riding and slow being (extra bookings or self-organised)
  • Optional: participatory evening sessions and use of the local spa


Your contribution as a private person is 940 €. 
Book your early bird at 890 € by April, 1 2019!

Business: should your/a company cover your costs, we ask 990 €. 

Any questions left? E-mail us at Javascript aktivieren um Email-Adresse zu sehen..

The location: Cascina Bellaria

Accomodation & Food

We will spend our week together in the beautiful Cascina Bellaria, near Alexandria in Piedmont. The Cascina is a place for wellness, exercise and healthy food. The center of the site is a beautiful farmhouse where our workshop room is located. Around it, there are plenty of seating possibilities, numerous shady areas, meadows and free space - as well as a forestry area and a swimming pool. There is also a small spa, which we can use - for an extra charge.

We will stay outside, in small bungalows or big round tents which are designed for two people each and have a veranda and mosquito nets. Right on the edge of the forest, under the stars, surrounded by sounds of nature. There will be simple but comfortable camping beds available, as well as a shower house with toilets.*

We will use the entire site all day, sometimes leaving it, but always returning to focus on simplicity, minimalism, the connection with ourselves and nature, and what is essential. The food prepared for us will be vegetarian, mainly with home-grown ingredients.

On the day of our arrival, a yoga festival ends on the spot - until the 21st at midnight we will therefore have the opportunity to arrive, connect with others and the place and enjoy folk concerts. In case you want to participate earlier, contact Cascina Bellaria directly.

* If you, due to e.g. physical restrictions, do not want to stay in the bungalow, please speak to us. Possibly, there could also be sleeping possibilities in shared rooms in the Farmhouse available.