Sizilianische Food Traditionen & Female Entrepreneurship - eine Lernreise

You are an entpreneur in the field of food sustainability and innovation? You love to combine innovative and traditional ways of cooking, producing or consuming? You are passionate about changing the way our local and global food systems work? You are interested in a mindful lifestyle, the slow-approach or sustainability?
You want to meet other powerful and creative women who are pioneering in this sector?

Then join us for our learning journey - or slow moving conference to Siciliy's female food entpreneurs.

We will go on an exploration and research trip to female entrepreneurs and get inspired by stories, life paths and leadership approaches. We travel and combine culinary diversity, beautiful nature on a fascinating, historic island, networking and sustainable learning.

Throughout our 5 days journey, we will:

  • explore different initiatives and enterprises founded and / or run by female entrepreneurs on our slow route
  • Explore Siciliy's East [nature, food, landscape] with all senses and get an idea of slow living and 'la dolce vita'
  • explore the topic of food & female entrepreneurship in a practical and theoretical way
  • connect with our unique skills and potentials as individuals and entrepreneurs
  • reflect upon our entrepreneurial way, and share inspiration, challenges and chances along our way
  • create synergies and co-create innovative ideas


Why Sicily?

Sicily is not only known as a holiday destination and for its typical dishes such as cannoli or granita. It is also one of the European regions with the highest unemployment rate – currently the general unemployment rate is around 25% and youth unemployment is even at 45%.
A complex and at the same time inspiring environment for entrepreneurship. In Sicily, there are many people – and many among them women – who burn for abundance and enjoyment, and have turned their passion for good food into a profession.

On this learning journey, we will explore entrepreneurship as an “in between space" –  between what is happening at the moment and what can be made possible. We will visit Sicily's food entrepreneurs and learn about their individual ways and strategies. Our journey focuses on the experience of the traditional food culture and brings the participants mainly in contact with female entrepreneurs who have created a business based on the diverse food culture of Sicily and have dared the step into self-employment in the food industry (e.g. as cooks, farmers, restaurateurs, winemakers).

We invite you, if you are

  • an entrepreneur, food lover or sustainability enthusiast
  • interested in or would like to change the global aspects of the food system
  • fancy an exciting week full of inspiration and co-creation with others


Konzept & Reiseleitung

The program is designed and lead by Sabrina Meyfeld & Eva Breitbach.
The two creative powerhouses met in a Berlin co-working space, where they hosted themed dinner and food events.

Sabrina is half-Sicilian and a passionate cook. She’s learning to be a yoga teacher and loves to design, coach and facilitate Inbetween-Spaces and slow-down-time for conscious being. She’s excited to share her love for Italy with you and to hold space for authentic dialogue, reflection and mutual inspiration.

Eva studied Food and Sustainability at the Slow Food University near Torino . Since then she travels for work, visiting projects that are concerned with sustainability of food production in Italy and the rest of the world. During our retreat she’ll cover creative fooding, the relevance of pleasure for body and soul, and what it really means when we say “you are what you eat”.


Our offer at a glance

DATE: 07.-12.09.2019

Our learning journey to [Food] Entrepreneurship is an experience for the senses, heart, mind, body and soul.

The Food & Entrepreneurship Experience includes:

  • Workshops with food producers and excursions to Sicily's female entrepreneurs; Highlight: 4-course lunch & talk with Fabrizia Lanza ('cook the farm')
  • A journey through Eastern Sicily; including information on typical dishes, agriculture and history
  • A common meal per day & time to individually explore Sicily's culinary art
  • Inputs & impulses to entrepreneurship
  • Space for networking & presenting your own projects, ideas & activities - incl. Feedback
  • Guided units for a joint start and end of the day
  • Room for co-creation & Open Space, for example for optional excursions, yoga or evening activities 

La Dolce Vita!

Mode of our journey

We want to offer you a holistic experience and focus on the eastern part of the island. We are traveling from Catania to Siracusa and back, including some central regions. We want to move slowly in the sense of sustainability, travel decelerated and enjoy Sicily with all our senses.

Please organize your arrival and departure (to and from Catania) yourself. Of course you can also add some days to our schedule and take a vaction or explore Sicily further. We invite you to take enough time and arrive slowly and relaxed; we recommend you as a means of transportation e.g. the train (the route is beautiful!), or by ferry from Genoa, with intercity buses or car. During our week together, we will also be traveling with these means of transport - we are finalizing the route with the producers and will send you more information in July.


Since we are testing this format as a prototype in 2019 and would like to further develop it for the next years, we invite you for an introductory price of 880 €. If you want to contribute more, of course you are cordially invited. Registration ends on July 5th.

We offer 8 exklusive spots!

The price includes the journey across Sicily, the content program & inputs, visits to female entrepreneurs, accommodation in double rooms in guesthouses & bed and breakfasts, and one meal per day. For the other meals, you are free to pick out something from the culinary diversity on site at our various stations and to provide yourself locally. Sometimes there will be the possibility to have meals on the farms or in the companies of our hosts.

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